why krupnicza

In March 2013, Pod Norenami restaurant joined the vegetarian and Asian scene on ulica Krupnicza, which has over several years changed dramatically, to earn the deserved title of Kraków’s Vegetown.

Krupnicza is also one of the most interesting streets in Kraków, connected with the fates of prominent intellectuals, artists and writers, who lived, worked and in all probability helped shape the culinary traditions of this place over the past decades.

The eminent painters of the Young Poland (Młoda Polska) movement created their works in the immediate vicinity of the restaurant – from their master Jan Matejko, to Jacek Malczewski, Leon Wyczółkowski, Józef Mehoffer and Wojciech Weiss. Stanisław Wyspiański was born in the future Mehoffer House. From the world of writing, it was here in Dom Literatów, that the whole pantheon of men and women of letters lived - Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński, Sławomir Mrożek, and the Polish Nobel laureates Czesław Miłosz and Wisława Szymborska.

Ulica Krupnicza, is also a place dedicated inextricably to Melpomene, the muse of drama, for two outstanding theatres, Bagatela and Groteska, are located in the vicinity. In this latter, Karol Wojtyła, later Pope John Paul II, trod the boards as a young man.
The National Museum in Kraków has one of its premises on ulica Krupnicza, presenting the authentic interior and restored garden of the home of the artist Mehoffer.

Students and professors hurry along ulica Krupnicza towards the magnificent building of the Auditorium Maximum, and to the imposing Jagiellonian Library, home of the oldest library collection in Poland.
  Ulica Krupnicza – once part of the course of the Młynówka mill stream from the 19th century culminated in a view of the Kościuszko Mound – is today a main artery of the city, along which pass masses of people. Among them are acquaintances, who greet us with warm smiles, tourists, to whom we offer friendly advice, those who go about their daily tasks, and those taking a gentle stroll to Park Jordana or the market square.

Our restaurant warmly welcomes our neighbours, those who pass in the course of their daily duties, and all who seek a pleasant place to rest on ulica Krupnicza. Our vegetarian and vegan Far Eastern menu is supplemented with delicacies from other parts of the world – and we pay attention too to the needs of our youngest diners.

As the heirs of those who created the climate of ulica Krupnicza a century ago, we try to maintain the unique spirit of the street which still draws Cracovians and visitors from all over the world.